Online Casino Rules and Percentages Explained

Before starting to play at any online casino you must carefully check all the reviews and rating of the casino present online. The information present in this will help you make more informed decisions. The information present in these reviews provide the answers to the most common and important questions like :-

Is this internet casino available to your country?
You wil notice that all the casinos does not allow players from all the countries, example US players are not accepted on all the casinos. You must find the casino that allows you to play and have transaction methods accepted in your country.

What is a welcome bonus?
This is something now almost all the casinos offer to its new players. However you must not get excited over the amount these casinos offered to you as there are many restrictions added to them. You must carefully read the terms and usage of these casino bonuses before you start to play with them.

What is an online casino payout percentage?
This is the wager percentage paid to the winners of the game while the rest of the amount goes to the casino. Most of the casinos have a payout percentage of 97%.

What kind of game selection is there to choose from?
Make sure that the casino offers a lot of game variation so you can check the diversity and enjoy more. If you are new to a game then you should check the “fun” option and play risk free.

How are online casinos rated?
There are different ways by which all the review sites rate the casinos. Some of them rate as star from 1-5 while there are those that rate them on a 1-10 scale.

5 Tips to Clear Your Casino Bonus

1. Don’t deposit a lot of money in the casino at a time – Many online casinos attract players by offering them a lot of bonuses and rewards when they first come online. One of the most attractive bonus these casinos offer are the matching deposit bonus. Some of the casinos and poker sites offer upto 100% matching bonus on their first deposit or even no deposit bonuses (you may check them out at This scheme lures a lot of players in depositing lots of cash so they get maximum benefit of this bonus. But this is not favorable in the long run. When you deposit less, sure you will get less amount in return but you will be able to clear all the bonus amount in the stipulated time period.

2. Select the best game – Before starting to play the game make sure that the bonus you are receiving will help you in playing the game. You sure have the favorite game when it comes to the casino games, but in order to effectively use the bonus, you need to think about it carefully.

3. Understanding the conditions of the bonus – All the bonuses comes with some terms and conditions of its usage. Make sure to read all of these before actually using them.

4. Check the payment methods that offer additional bonuses – Online casinos often partner up with the payment methods that provide return on the transaction. This moneyback on every transaction helps a lot to the players.

5. Withdraw the winning – Once you have cleared the bonus you should withdraw the money immediately. This is important step, even though it may seem the easiest one. There are certain conditions set up for the bonus so you should take out your money after you have cleared all the conditions set aside for the bonus.

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