A Beginners Guide to Card Games

Rummy is one of those rare games that falls into the genre of pure entertainment. Unlike many of its relatives, it is an addictive game that requires strategic thinking and skill rather than just pure luck. In essence, it’s an advanced variation on the well known game of Solitaire. Rummy differs to Solitaire in a number of ways, including the cards dealt, the scoring system and, most importantly, the rules. It is definitely worth playing, but as with any other game, it takes some knowledge of strategy and thinking ahead to emerge a winner.

Rummy is a fun game, best enjoyed with at least two players. One person chooses a suit – spades for the Ace, clubs for the Queen, hearts for the King and spades again for the Jack. Opponents alternate picking cards from their hands until a player has no cards to play. The first person to get all ten points is the winner. This can be a simple process by having all your opponents to drop their cards at once (so you know immediately how many cards your opponent has), or by having all your opponent’s discard at the same time (you’ll know before they do so and be able to use that knowledge to your advantage).

At the start of the game, each player receives eight cards face down, and four cards face up (the Ace and Queen being worth five points, the King and Jack worth three points, and the Jack and 10 Spades worth one point). Those four cards are then placed in front of each player. Players take turns picking cards from the piles of cards in turn. If a player goes over the amount of cards allowed, they have to remove a card from their hand, otherwise those cards will stay in play and you will have to wait for another round to add them back into your hand.

If a player remains without a card for a set number of turns, they have to go to the discard pile. Once there, they may choose to take one from the top of the discard pile, if it is still empty; or, they may choose to put the card on the bottom of their discard pile, from which point on the table they will be forced to choose a card from any pile at random. If a player lands on the last card in the dummy section of a game and is unable to choose another card, they lose the last card in their hand. After that, all players win.

To play rummy, each player receives a pack of ten cards. The first person to get all the ten cards to start the rummy game is the ‘quesenberry’ player. They start the rummy session by dealing out a single card to each of the four players at the table and then receiving cards from the other players in turn. Players take turns picking out cards from the piles of cards at the table, counting the number of pairs that are present, and then discarding the chosen card. Only pairs of two, three, and four are legal for playing rummy. Rummy continues until someone draws the last card.

At the end of each round of rummy, if a player has not gotten rid of their card, they must throw it into the garbage can face down. This rule is intended to make the game less chaotic. If there are no wild cards left to discard, the last card in the pack is then turned over face up to be dealt to the person who was the last person to throw their card into the trash. The last person to get rid of a card in a rummy game is the ‘queen’ player.

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