Biggest Poker Wins Of All Time

Poker has always been one of the most lucrative forms of gambling in the world, and ever since the sport was introduced to our television screens, it has ensured that sponsored has increased and therefore prize pots can be increased. This has ensured that we have seen some of the biggest wins in gambling history on the poker tables, and usually within the World Of Poker Series and so we thought we’d look today at some of the biggest wins within poker history.

The biggest win in the history of poker was back in 2012 on the Big One For One Drop when there were 48 players with a total prize pool for nearly $43 million pounds. The winner of the tournament was Antonio Esfandiari who took home a grand total of $18.35 million which stands as the biggest win in the history of poker. The best thing about this win was that Esfandiari has 7-5 off suit which won against Sam Trickett Q-6 and as you can imagine, the win was documented all around the gambling world due to the amount that was taken home.

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The second biggest win in the history of poker is from more recent times back in 2018 and again on the Big One for Big Drop when Fedor Holz beat off all the competition to take home a grand total of $10 million. This wasn’t just Holz first big win as he was able to add to his collection of WSOP bracelets however he beat Justin Bonomo who then went on to become the highest paid poker player of all time as he knocked Daniel Negreanu from the top spot having won a total of $43 million in his career. And finally, the last biggest win on this list, and third of all time was in 2014 when Dan Coleman won $15.3 million and beat of 42 contestants to take home the prize pot. This even was one of the most watched poker series of all time. Not only that, but this game took a dramatic turn of events where Coleman won against Daniel Negreanu in the last couple hands of the game with an A-4.

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