Enjoy Playing Rummy Through The Ages

Rummy is an exciting group of game noted for its similar theme, matching cards of equal rank or order and same suit; usually with one person as the dealer. The objective in any version of rummy is, to construct melds that include combinations, at least three of any rank; or pairs, of any rank, of the identical suit. The object is also to eliminate all players without taking them to the dealer table. If you are the last person remaining after the initial round of betting, then you are the loser. The last person standing is the winner.

The two types of rummy differ mainly by the way in which the highest two players are placed before the other play begins. In the single player rummy, the last person standing is the loser. This rule applies to all variations of rummy. In the rummy using a team, the last person standing is the loser. The two types of rummy differ further with the use of jokers in single-card, four cards or five card rummy.

Rummy can be played with a deck of cards containing jokers, which are played by drawing one card from each pile kept on the playing area of the game. The first person to win the rummy game uses their card draw to place a bet on the outcome of the match. Players may use a combination of up to four jokers when playing the rummy game using a team. The highest bidder wins.

Standard rummy refers to the well known version that is played with standard 52 card poker decks. When playing standard rummy, the last person standing is the winner. The rummy rules are usually followed in the casinos where rummy is a main source of entertainment. When playing online, people may play rummy with a standard deck or a smaller deck of cards as per their comfort.

One of the oldest versions of rummy was played with pips. A capsule is a half deck of cards. Pipsule version of rummy was invented by G.K. Chesterton in 1947. It is commonly played today in Caribbean casinos. In the capsule version, the last player standing wins.

The game of rummy has evolved through the ages with the inclusion of many variations. Today, people play rummy using one or more of the various available variations, including online and standard rummy decks of 52 cards. Many gamblers prefer to play rummy using the gin rummy variation.

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